Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Even with the most meticulous oral hygiene practices, tooth decay can develop, and we, at Craft Dentistry, are here to help. We are proud to offer dental fillings in a variety of materials to restore your healthy smile. You can always count on our team for exceptional, personalized care.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Unlike the rest of the body, your teeth can't heal themselves when they are decayed or damaged. Dental fillings are materials used to repair cavities, restoring the health and function of your smile. They also offer an effective solution to restore chipped, broken, fractured, or worn teeth.

Restoring a damaged tooth with a dental filling will protect the tooth structure from further deterioration. A cavity left untreated can lead to deep decay and complications requiring root canal therapy or even extraction, which may necessitate a tooth replacement option such as a dental implant or a bridge.

What Are the Types of Dental Fillings?

There are many options available for cavity repair. A consultation with our dentist will help you determine the best type of tooth filling for your budget and aesthetic preferences.

Here are the most common types of dental fillings used today:

  • Amalgam Fillings: Dental amalgam is the most affordable dental filling material and has been used for more than a century to repair cavities. It is very strong and durable, making it ideal for filling cavities in molars that need to withstand considerable chewing pressure. However, the silver material can interfere with your smile.
  • Composite Resin Fillings: Today's tooth-colored fillings are constantly reinvented and improved. Its earlier versions were ideal for repairing small to mid-sized cavities exposed to moderate chewing pressure. Modern white fillings work well for any tooth, fortifying your tooth structure and preventing future decay, all with virtually unnoticeable results!
  • Ceramic or Porcelain Fillings: These tooth-colored fillings are incredibly durable and resistant to staining. They are closely color and texture-matched to your natural teeth, leaving you with incredibly natural-looking and feeling results. Their only drawback is how costly they can be as compared to other filling materials.

What Is the Dental Filling Procedure?

We will start by numbing the area with a local anesthetic for your comfort. We will remove any decayed or damaged tooth structure and clean and sterilize the space. Next, we will place the filling material and shape it to resemble a natural tooth. Depending on the type of material used, we may use a curing light to harden it. Repairing a damaged tooth with a dental filling will restore its health, function, and integrity!

Caring for Teeth with Dental Fillings

Caring for teeth with dental fillings requires proper oral hygiene practices, just like your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly and steering away from sugary foods or carbonated drinks will help keep dental problems at bay. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, we may recommend a custom-made mouthguard to protect your dental filling and natural tooth enamel from wear or damage.

Don't forget to schedule your routine, twice-a-year dental exams and cleanings to keep your restorations and natural teeth in tip-top shape. Caring for your oral health will lower your risk of future tooth decay and gum disease and will help you maintain a healthy, confident smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Near Me

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